Love Letter – 10 Habits to Avoid

I listened to a podcast this week that really stuck with me. Someone I look up tremendously is Ben Bergeron. I love how he runs his gym, CrossFit New England, and what his overall message is. He has helped so many people by helping them adjust their mindset which has led to them become healthier, fitter and overall more successful in every aspect of their life. That has been my approach and will continue to be my approach at CFBS because it is what will last forever. Your mindset truly determines your outcome in life. 

Take some time and listen to this podcast. As I listened to this, I realized that I have been 1,000% guilty of all of this during this time. 

10 Habits to Avoid During Quarantine:

1) Don’t hit the snooze button

2) Don’t react

3) Don’t multi-task

4) Don’t use the phone in front of the family

5) Don’t watch tv before bed

6) Don’t eat sugar or processed food

7) Don’t check social media until…

8) Don’t one up

9) Don’t project

10) Don’t expect perfection 

Podcast Episode – Click here


Josh Melendez

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