Love Letter – Access to Coaches

As a member of CrossFit Be Someone, what you get access to is your coaches. 

You get access to our feedback, our guidance, our knowledge, our support, our expertise, our accountability, our motivation, our excitement, our belief and overall our help. 

We study health, fitness and nutrition. We talk about it amongst us coaches. We discuss injuries athletes have so we are on the same page. We discuss nutrition challenges someone may be having. We try to be as informed as possible. We are professional coaches. 

But as informed as we try to be, we know we don’t know it all. We also know what is outside of our scope. But just because something is outside of our scope does not mean we can’t still help you.

We can research for you. We can make calls for you. We can ask around for you. If you’re experiencing an injury and want to get it looked but have know idea where to go, we can help you.  

You don’t have to figure it out on your own. Again, you have access to coaches.  

If you need some help, please talk to your coaches.


Josh Melendez

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