Love Letter – Adapt and Overcome

The human species is such a unique and beautiful species. We have so many abilities that we can do. One of the greatest abilities that we have is the ability to adapt to a situation and overcome it. Yet, it’s an ability that we don’t utilize as much as we should.

We are capable of adapting and overcoming any situation we come across. Yes, we are. At times it may appear as if we will never get out of a situation but that is because we’ve yet to come to terms that the situation has shifted. We don’t like the idea that the situation we were comfortable with has changed. We are refusing to adapt to the new normal. The second we adapt to the situation we then can develop an actual plan to overcome any situation.

Trust me, I know at times, things can get very hard. I’ve had many valleys in my life, some self-imposed, and I felt helpless and hopeless. But I will never forget the words that were always uttered to us in the Marines, “Adapt and overcome Marine!”. We were consistently tested and many times we wanted to give up but the simple ability of adapting to the situation always led to us overcoming the situation. It’s hard to adapt but trust me once you do, you will be taking the first step to overcoming it.

Every single one of you has this great ability. Every single one of you has greatness stored in you. Every single one of you can accomplish anything you want. In order for you to reach your greatness, it is going to require for you to adapt and overcome many situations. Just remember, you can do it. 


Josh Melendez 

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