Love Letter – Appreciation

When was the last time you used the words “I appreciate you”? If someone has changed your life, makes you better, helps you out, makes you smile, brings out the best out of you, makes you happy or just opens the door for you or anything else, let them know. 

These past two years have been a journey for me. I was unaware of everything that being an entrepreneur would bring and I didn’t make it easier for myself by some decisions I made. But despite everything that happened, it’s been worth it. Why? Because of all of y’all! I understand CrossFit is not cheap. I understand we don’t have controlled temperature in our warehouse. I understand we are sometimes limited in space. I understand we are sometimes limited with equipment. I understand injuries can get frustrating. I understand it might feel like you’ve been working on the same movement or lifting the same weight for a while. I understand waking up before 5am is not easy. I understand you have to fight traffic in the afternoon. I understand you’ve had to deal with changes within our gym. For all of that and so much more, I appreciate every single one you so damn much! I truly do. I appreciate y’all for the people that y’all are. I appreciate that despite everything, you continue to trust me with your health and fitness. I appreciate the relationships I have developed with all of y’all. I appreciate that y’all allow me to continue to live a dream of mine by continuing to support. 

I can’t go without saying the level of appreciation I have for my team. Mike, Lynn, Chris, Audrey, Tony, Neema, and Jocelyn thank you so much for all of the effort and help y’all provide. I would never be in the position I am in if it wasn’t for y’all. The success we have accomplished so far is because of y’all. The future success that we will accomplish will be because of y’all. So thank you and I appreciate everything you’ve done. 

Make sure to tell your love one or parents or siblings or friend or coworker or boss or anyone who makes an impact, small or big, that you appreciate them. 


Josh Melendez 

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