Love Letter – Better People Make Better Athletes

There is no other way to say it. If that title bothers you is because you know is the truth.

Your mindset, your values, your character as a person will dictate the athlete you are in any fitness setting. 

There are countless of individuals who have tremendous talent to be in the NBA, NFL, MLS, NHL and MLB but are no longer in those leagues strictly due to their mindset, values and character. 

The person you are will dictate the athlete you are. 

There will be adversity and obstacles that will come your way in your fitness journey. Their will be feedback you NEED to hear in your fitness journey. There will be new habits that need to be formed in your fitness journey. There will be goals that may need to be adjusted in your fitness journey. 

How you handle all of that in your mind is up to you. Taking action to improve is up to you.

The only way you know how to handle and how to respond to those moments is based on the person you are. 

No amount of strength, speed, power, flexibility, endurance or work capacity will ever overcome the power of your mindset, values and character. 

Better people make better athletes. Period. 


Josh Melendez

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