Love Letter – Complacency

COMPLACENCY KILLS! This is what I saw everywhere in the base that I was stationed at in Iraq. While in Iraq, we were constantly reminded that complacency is our biggest enemy. If complacency exist in a war zone, it exist everywhere else in life.

We need to be mindful of not giving into complacency. Complacency can distract us and take us off course from our goals. The second you relax from your goal, that’s the moment complacency kicks in. If you’re goal is to make it to the gym 4x a week and you miss Monday by choice, then it’s very easy to miss Tuesday. By the time you realize it is Thursday and you’ve yet to step into the gym and then we say to ourselves “This week is basically over, I’ll just start back up next week”. If you’re goal is to eat clean and you have one cookie by choice during that work meeting, it’s real easy to walk out of that meeting with another cookie or two in your hand. Complacency tells us “it’s ok” or “you deserve it” or “don’t worry about it” or “who cares” or “you’ll be alright” and we can easily fall into that trap. The second we fall into that trap our goal is postponed once more. Postpone your goal enough times and eventually you just won’t care about it anymore. The second we stop caring about accomplishing our goals is the moment we stop caring about becoming the greatest version of ourselves. 

There is so much temptation out there to throw us off track but with a great supporting cast, you can keep moving forward and not allow complacency to make you forget about your goal. We have that here within our community, we have a great supporting cast, so make sure to use each other and let’s not give into complacency.


Josh Melendez

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