Love Letter – Create 3 Buckets

If you’re still mad about COVID-19 or hoping it’ll go away tomorrow, you’re focusing on something you have no control of. We are emotional creatures so it’s very easy to give into our emotions, especially when things are making us uncomfortable or going a different way that we would like it to.

When we try to control a situation we have no control of, we use up our energy. Literally, you are using energy when this happens. We only have a certain amount of energy a day in our body to function in life and to do everything else. Don’t believe me? Then why do you feel tired at night? That’s your body saying “I’m done, I’m out of energy”. Now I want you to think to yourself, how much energy do you put into things you have no control of? Yes this also includes possibly complaining about situations on a daily basis. Now I want you to think about how much energy you put into things you do have control of. The difference is amazing. I found out that I focus on many more things I have NO control of then the things I do.

I want you to do a huge favor for me. Draw three circles on a piece of paper. One of those circles label it “In Control”. The middle circle label it “Sort of Control”. The other circle label it “No Control”. Be honest and start to write things in each bucket. If you can’t think of anything right now as you read this, come back to this exercise later but do it. Once you complete this exercise, look at what you have NO control of and immediately remove your focus from it.

It’s time that you put all of your energy, focus and effort into things you have the ability to control and quit giving things you have zero control of any attention.


Josh Melendez

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