Love Letter – “Daddy, it’s ok. It’s going to dry.”

This past weekend I was reminded about one of our principles by my 3 year old daughter which is “respond, don’t react”. That principle comes from our core value of Live Humble.

On Sunday Jocelyn, Myla and I were heading to a store when Myla spilled some water on her. I turned my head and instantly reacted to the situation. You could hear the frustration in my voice and Myla responded with her sweet voice, “Daddy, it’s ok. It’s going to dry.”

Immediately her response stopped me in my tracks and made me realize I had reacted to a situation that I shouldn’t have. Reacting to a situation with our emotions can lead to making a situation a lot more worse than what it is at times. All she did was spill water on her and in the car and she was 100% right, it was going to dry.

Remember when you find yourself in a situation, “respond, don’t react”. Many times our reactions are to people and people never forget how we make them feel.


Josh Melendez

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