Love Letter – Do You Love Yourself?

I heard this quote in a podcast:

“Loving yourself does not mean not looking for ways to get better, it means don’t judge yourself along the journey”. – Ben Bergeron

We all have negative thoughts that pop up in our heads. We all make mistakes. We all have some faults. 

This is ok. This is being human. 

Some people are under the impression that loving yourself means accepting who you are and staying put as exactly who you are. Meaning, you continue to be who you are regardless. 

In reality, loving yourself means accepting who you are and looking for ways to continue to improve and not judging yourself for the missteps that will come. 

Saying I could be more or I could be better is not saying that you don’t love yourself, it’s you wanting to become the greatest version of yourself. It’s you knowing that you can be more than what you currently are and you are willing to take the challenge upon yourself. 

This is you allowing yourself the freedom to make the mistakes along the journey and not judging yourself for those mistakes. 


Josh Melendez

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