Love Letter – Get you a coach….for your profession

Today’s love letter is going to be a little different. The letter is going to include a link to a Ted talk video that was sent to me last night by Ryan Haun, one of my personal training clients. I really enjoyed this video and believe it’s a great message for everyone.

All of y’all know the importance of a coach. You come to class and we lead you for a whole hour. During that hour we are helping you learn movements, improve your current movement, motivating you, holding you accountable, entertaining you, figuring out solutions with you and celebrating with you. But have you looked into coaches outside of our gym for your profession? Maybe even a fellow peer in your job or even outside of it. That is what this video is about. The importance of having a coach for your profession.

The coaches and I started using an app called MarcoPolo recently to provide immediate feedback to each other. What this allows is opportunity for daily improvements as a coach and as a staff. We are coaching each other. We are elevating each other. By doing this, it allows us to provide all of you a better product which is our coaching. I strongly urge you to find you a coach for your profession. Reach out to individuals who you aspire to. You will be surprised by how many of them are willing to help out. It’s what I did and it has helped me tremendously. Invite them to coffee or lunch and ask them simply, “Would you be willing to coach me?”.

Enjoy this video (16 minutes)


Josh Melendez 

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