Love Letter – Have you identified your why yet?

I’ve said it many times, my why is my daughter. I don’t need to create motivation when I think about her. She keeps me moving the needle everyday.

When you identify your why, make sure their is a true emotional connection. Make sure it is something that moves you. Make sure it is something you are not willing to negotiate or give up. Also, keep this in mind, your why can change many times through our your life depending where you are.

There’s going to be a point when my daughter is not going to need for me to provide for her as I do now and I’m going to have to identify a new why. I’m going to enter new chapters in my life that may add to my current why. It’s ok if you have a couple of them, just identify them.

When you have your why established, you don’t seek out daily motivations. Motivation fizzles out, your why doesn’t. When you have your why identified you find yourself not giving in or having to convince yourself to do what you are supposed to do. When you have your why identified you find yourself taking a step in the right direction everyday. It may just be one step some days but those steps add up.

So I ask you, what moves you? What are you not willing to compromise? What is the most important thing or things in your life?


Josh Melendez

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