Love Letter – It really does work!

One of the most meaningful and life changing conversations I ever had was with Janet from our gym. You know, Eileen’s mom lol.

We were sitting against the wall and started to have a 2 hour heart to heart conversation. I had no idea that this conversation was going to change my life, because it did. During our conversation we talked about the power of a vision board. You have heard me talk about it many times, and that is because it really is powerful.

Ever since I created a vision board, things in my life have occurred for the better. Simply seeing what I want to accomplish everyday has kept me in the path that I want in my life. Our life’s are filled with distraction and all distraction do is pull you away from what you are after. My vision board has (4) categories I am focused on. My career, education, relationships and contribution to society.

Under each category I have 3-6 items written that I want to accomplish in my life. Here is the crazy part, in just this year I’m on the verge of accomplishing many of the items I have written.

Just 2 years ago I was moving back into my parents because I could not afford an apartment. Next week I’m scheduled to close on a house. I wrote on my vision board that I wanted to purchase a home. I’m going to my 3rd Internship next weekend with CrossFit Headquarters. I wrote on my vision board that I wanted to be part of the CrossFit Seminar Staff. I have learned to meditate, it was on my vision board. I want to be able to create careers for my coaches, I’m working towards this daily.

I can’t stress enough how important this is for you. I recommend for you to finalize or create your vision board and place it where you can see it everyday.


Josh Melendez

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