Love Letter – It’s holiday season!

We are getting real close to Thanksgiving and by the time we are just getting through our last leftovers it’s already time for Christmas. You finally throw away all the wrappers from the gifts and it’s already New Years. Once holiday season comes up, it happens so fast.

In that 6-7 week span a lot of eating and celebrating occurs. A lot of family members and friends come in. You suddenly have more dinners and parties to go to then you did in the previous 10 months. You have a trip or two planned out to go visit love ones or simply have a get a way. All of it is awesome and great! All of it is part of life so enjoy it! This is why we do what we do. We focus on our health and fitness so we can enjoy these moments guilt free.

I would just say to be careful. Be careful to completely stop doing what you are doing. Be careful in falling into that slippery slope of not going to the gym for a couple of days because it can easily turn into the whole month of December. Be careful on going home with all the leftovers because suddenly it’ll become your meal prep for the whole week. Holiday is a great time to enjoy yourself with your friends and love ones but it’s also a time where we can easily take too many step backs.

Again enjoy the holidays but remember to keep doing what you are doing. Even if you just go from attending the gym 5x a week to 3x a week. Even if it means you only meal prep for 15 meals instead of 21 meals. Keep some of what you learned and continue to apply it so you can still come out of the holiday season feeling good.


Josh Melendez

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