Love Letter – Just Imagine

These last 4 months have been tough and exhausting. There is just no other way to really say it. Our emotions have been everywhere and it seems as if the blows won’t stop coming. We are all feeling it and we are all in this together.

There is going to be a point when we do make it out of this. There is going to be a point where emotionally, we can finally breathe and relax. Imagine how much better and stronger we will be once we do make it through all of this. Imagine what you’ll be able to withstand in the future and know that you overcome any obstacle thrown at you. Again, I understand it’s not easy right now, I’m with you but we will get through this.

I’ve had many moments in the last 4 months where I found myself looking down at the ground and feeling defeated. I’ve had moments wondering how much more can I take. And if you’ve had the same thoughts, it’s ok. I’ve had to keep reminding myself to just take one step at a time and get to the next day. I‘ve had to remind myself, just give my best effort that day and I would be ok.

Remember, we are in this together and the grit that we are building as we go through this will allow us to accomplish so much more in our life. Keep taking one step forward and continue to give your best effort for that day, you will be glad you did.


Josh Melendez

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