Love Letter – Keep it FUN

This shouldn’t feel stressful. This should be fun. 

I’m not saying you won’t be challenged. I’m not saying you won’t be required to step out of your comfort zone. I’m also not saying you won’t feel like some days you rather not be at the gym.

What I am saying, is that you should feel happy you get to do this. You should have fun with moving your body. You should have fun being around other people who are at the gym to get better as well. 

Smile when you’re driving to the gym. Smile when you walk in. Smile when you walk out. Make it a purpose to have fun. 

The more you make it a point to have fun with your fitness, I promise you, the more you will enjoy it. 

The more you enjoy it, the more you will do it. The more you do it, the more results you’ll receive. 

Respectfully Sent,

Josh Melendez

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