Love Letter – Our Mission and Vision Statement

Our mission statement is “To be your home away from home” and our vision statement is “To the greatest and most influential gym”. These two statements along with our gym core values of live humble, live hungry and live smart is what helps us guide our gym.

We want this place to be your happy place. We want this place to be the place you look for when you are looking for a smile. We want this place to be the place that you know you will walk out feeling better despite how you perform in your workout. At your home, you are able to relax and completely be yourself. We want you to have that level of comfort here. At your home, you live with people you care about or host the people you care about. We want you to feel that level of care here. We want this place to be your home away from home. 

I understand that you are looking to become more healthy and fit, our coaching is the product so we are continuously working on getting better to help you with that. But what we also focus on just as much is your overall character and mindset. Being the best athlete you can be is important but it’s not as important as being the best person you can be. We want to influence you in living our core values because we know being a humble, hungry and people smart person will yield great results. That will yield to being a greater athlete because you will do the right things outside of the gym. It will lead to you being a greater spouse, parent, boyfriend/girlfriend, employer, employee, co-worker, friend, neighbor, son/daughter and any other role you find yourself in life. 

We don’t only want to help you for the one hour we have you during the day, we want to help you with your overall life, forever. In any situation you find yourself in, if you handle it based on our core values, then we have done our job. If you are still kicking ass and playing with your grandchildren at age 80, then we have done our job.

Mission Statement: “To be your home away from home”

Vision Statement: “To be the greatest and most influential gym”

Core Values: Live Humble. Live Hungry. Live Smart.


Josh Melendez

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