Love Letter – Outside of Your Control

The weather, outside of your control. 

Traffic, outside of your control.

Your neighbors dog barking, outside of your control.

Internet being slow, outside of your control.

Your boss being an asshole, outside of your control. 

Your co-worker calling in, outside of your control. 

Social media trolls existing, outside of your control. 

The news the gets reported, outside of your control. 

This list can go on and on.

The moment we stop focusing on the things that are not in our control, is the moment we will put all of our energy into the things we can control such as our effort, attitude, relationships, and anything else that truly matters to you. 

Life is not easy and we only make it harder by allowing ourselves to focus on the things that are outside of our control. Let them go and you will lift a huge weight off your shoulders.  


Josh Melendez

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