Love Letter – Positivity

Negative thinking is a disease. It might not be labeled as a disease but it is detrimental to your life just as much as any disease. A negative mindset will ONLY yield negative results. Make no mistake, this is very true. If you want more for yourself, the first place to start is the way you think. 

Being positive is a practice. Again, being positive is a practice. I want to say that twice so you can recognize that it is up to you if you decide to be positive or not. We can’t always control what occurs but we can always control our reaction. Practice positivity from the second you wake up. If you wake up and your initial thought is a negative thought, then you’ve already started your day in negative mindset and you’re not even out of bed yet. From there, it becomes easier to think negative the rest of the day. On the contrary, if you’re initial thought is you’re happy to be alive or happy you’re waking up to a job or happy you get to continue to work on becoming the greatest version of yourself, then your day will change. Once your day changes and you practice positivity everyday, your life changes. 

Practice positivity everyday here at the gym. If it’s raining, awesome. If it’s cold, great. If it’s hot, no issue. If you’re least favorite movement is on the whiteboard, great you get to challenge yourself. If you’re tired, it’s ok you still came in. If you didn’t have your best performance, you still got better. 

Positivity is contagious. If we practice it around each other, it will spread like wildfire. 

Stay Positive,

Josh Melendez 

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