Love Letter – Theme of the year: Accountability

This year we will continue to push our core values and we will continue to push our community and we will continue to push the importance of health and fitness. This year what we are going to level up is accountability.

I want you to know what my greed is, to see everyone at the gym every single day. I want everyone in the gym because if your are in the gym then you are getting positive results. If you are in the gym then we are able to help you. If you are in the gym then you are getting healthier and fitter. If you are in the gym then you are being held accountable. Our job as coaches is to make you healthier and fitter but we can’t do that if we don’t see you. We can’t help you reach your goals if you don’t show up. So what are we going to do, create more touch points with you.

Every Monday we will be contacting all athletes who have not showed up to the gym the last week. We are contacting you because we care. We want to make sure that you are ok and we want you to know that we want you in the gym. We are going to have all athletes on a 90 day goal review session because we want to help you succeed. We want to create plans and show you options of what is the best route to accomplish your goals. We will start a new “Thursday Temperature Text” where I will be contacting everyone to simply see how are you doing or what is going on with your or if you need to talk about anything.

You will still receive your Sunday text and you will still receive your Wednesday “Love Letter”. You will still see us post 3-5x a day on our social media. You will still receive knowledge in our closed Facebook group. We have over 20 events for this upcoming year. Holding you accountable is our responsibility and we are going to make sure you know we are here to help you.

Let’s keep each other accountable and let’s level up together as a community!


Josh Melendez

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