Love Letter – What are you grateful for?

Usually when I write my love letters each week, I already know what I am going to write about. I’ll write it Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning. 

This morning I was still stuck. I had no idea what to write about. My mind was worried about the things that have not been completed at the gym that I need to do. My mind was on the meetings I need to schedule. My mind was on the growth and retention of the gym. My mind was on what are the next steps I can take to get me to my Vivid Vision. 

Then I looked at the time of 8:30 and realized I have 45 minutes before I leave to pick up my daughter. Then suddenly my mind stopped racing and I just felt happy. I felt calm. I felt grateful. 

We have so many things going on in our life that we can feel suffocated. I get it. But take a moment today and everyday to just list what you are grateful in your mind or paper. It does not have to be a big list. It does not have to be a list each day, just one thing is enough but remind yourself of what you have in your life that brings you true joy and happiness. 

Today I am extremely grateful for my daughter. 


Josh Melendez

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