Love Letter – Why a Committed Club?

This year we started a CrossFit Be Someone Committed Club.

How do you make the committed club? By showing up to the gym 16x in a month. Attached to this email is a document that informs you how you will be recognized for being part of the committed club.

But why did we start a committed club? The real reason, it gives us another opportunity to recognize YOUR hard work and dedication. I understand that it is not easy to make it to the gym. Life is filled with distractions and it is very tempting and easy to put yourself last in the priority list. The fact that you are able to stay disciplined and focused on your health is so damn great!

That level of effort deserves to be recognized. Take a hard look at many of your friends and family and notice how many times they go to the gym or focus on their health. When I do this exercise I realize that many of them rarely do. So what you do is NOT the norm. What you do, unfortunately, is in the minority. But what you do is the RIGHT thing. What you do is setting yourself up for long term success in life. 

Hope to see YOUR name on the committed club list this year!

Committed Club Flyer


Josh Melendez

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