Love Letter – Why We Are Going To Be Phasing Back In

I completely understand that some athletes are ready to jump back in the gym at 100%. I understand that some athletes are not ready to leave their house at all. I understand that some athletes are not sure exactly how they feel. I also understand that our coaches might feel a certain way as well they may be ready or they may not be ready to return to the gym.

Please understand, the phasing of returning to our gym is for the safety of you and your love ones. The last thing I want to do is act careless just because some athletes want to go full force already. I have the responsibility of making the decision that is best for everyone. It might not the popular decision and it might not sit well with everyone but I know it’s the right decision.

We are going to phase back into the gym with limited classes per day, limited size of our classes, increased cleaning procedures for everyone and certain restrictions that will be for our safety. I am not thinking short term, I am thinking long term. The fact is this, eventually things will go back to what was “normal” for us. We will eventually go back to regular class sizes and regular gym hours but what we are not going to do is rush the process.

This is something we have talked to y’all a lot about when it comes to your fitness in the gym. Trust the process and results will come. Do the small things and that will lead to your goal. It’s the same approach here. We are going to be doing the small things in order for us to achieve our overall goal of returning to what we love to do.


Josh Melendez

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