Love Letter – Would you be proud of your inner voice?

“Would you be proud of your inner voice if someone put it over the loudspeaker during a workout?”. I heard this quote from Ben Bergeron who is someone I follow and view as a faraway mentor. When I first heard this quote, I laughed because I thought it was funny but then I realized how profound that question is.

Our inner voice is what we rely on when things get tough. Our inner voice is the reason why we do one more burpee or not. Our inner voice is why we run all the way into the gym or stop at the fence. Imagine if your inner voice was projected over the speaker and everyone heard it? Would you be proud of what you’re giving into. It’s normal to have negative thoughts at times but not acting on those thoughts is what we need to train ourselves on. The less you act on those thoughts, the less they will appear in your head. If you feed the monster then it will continuously return, once you don’t it’ll disappear.

Most of you know that I have a half marathon coming up in March. I know in the Marines we would go for very long runs at time but I’m pretty confident they never made us run a half marathon. This is a feat I have never done and mentally, I’m afraid. Once I pass the 3 mile marker I shut down. I don’t shut down physically, I shut down mentally. I’m afraid because I know I’ve giving into my inner voice and getting over it will be hard. But that is also the same exact reason why I signed up for the half marathon. I have to overcome my inner voice and remind myself that I can accomplish anything I want. The only reason I won’t is because I tell myself I can’t.

Every single one of you has the capability to be and do whatever it is you want to do. Each one of you has the ability to fulfill whatever it is you plan on writing on your vision board. Use CrossFit as the tool that sharpens your mind. Use CrossFit as the spring to training yourself on how to keep thinking positive when things get tough. Be proud of your inner voice.


Josh Melendez 

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