Love Letter – Your Abilities

When was the last time you took a second and realize that YOU do CrossFit? I say that because what you do is not easy. What you do takes so much discipline. What you do takes practice. What you do hurts both physically and mentally. What you do takes so much effort. What you do empowers people. What you do changes lives. What you do saves lives. 

Crossfit is not easy. We all know this and can completely understand this. Crossfit is a mixture of monostructural exercises, gymnastic exercises and weightlifting exercises. How many of us knew anything about gymnastic or weightlifting before walking into CrossFit? I can honestly tell you I didn’t know anything about weightlifting and when it came to gymnastic, I had no respect to that sport growing up. Crossfit taught me both and made me respect both. 

YOU do these exercises everyday. You know about a snatch and a clean, you know about handstand push ups and bar muscle ups. Even doing the scale down version of those movements, that makes you more fit than your friends, coworkers and family members who have never done Crossfit. Think about this, any one of y’all can sign up for a weightlifting competition today and compete in it. Might not win but you’ll be able to hold your own. Any one of y’all can sign up for a 5k or half marathon and stay moving. Might not get 1st but you’ll finish it. Take someone who only does weightlifting or only runs, they won’t be able to walk right into a CrossFit gym on day one and do everything that YOU do. Your abilities allow you do so much in life and that is because of what you do on the daily here at our gym. 

Be very proud of what you do. Take a lot of pride in it and always, always have fun with it. 


Josh Melendez 

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