Love Letter- You’re Getting Distracted Again

Distractions slow you down. 

That social media notification. That email notification. That new YouTube video. That new NetFlix series. That new bar in the neighborhood. That new Tex-Mex restaurant. 

There are hundreds of ways you get distracted. Each time you get distracted, you get pulled away from what you are trying to complete.

That can be an immediate task that is right infront of you or that can be your long term goal. 

So how can you deal with this?

Make yourself aware and set boundaries. 

You can make yourself aware by reviewing what you have accomplished. You can make yourself aware by looking at data and seeing how long it took you to complete a task. You can make yourself aware by looking at the data in your phone and seeing how much time you spent on social media or YouTube. You can make yourself aware by looking at your bank account and seeing how many times you eat out or drink in a week. You can make yourself aware by seeing how many times you have ignored your goals. 

If you know notifications get your attention, remove them. Go into your phone and set it to where you won’t receive them. Give yourself 30 or 45 or 60 minutes of social media a day. This will make you more intentional of when you go on there. You can also do this with YouTube. Go to your settings a set a timer for these apps. 

Set boundaries by telling your friends that you’re only eating out 1, 2 or 3x a week now. You can set boundaries by telling your friends you only plan to visit one new bar a month. What I’m getting at, is set the intent. Set your boundaries and don’t budge.

Schedule when you plan to go out or meet with your friends. This will help when you get invited to a happy hour. It’s very easy to say yes and skip out on your evening workout. BUT, if you have working out in your schedule, politely tell them “No thanks” and keep driving to the gym. 

Is it easy not to get distracted? Hell no! I kept getting distracted while I wrote about how not to get distracted lol. 

But if you don’t practice this, you will forever get distracted and kept from getting to your goals.  

Respectfully Sent,

Josh Melendez

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