Who We Are

CrossFit Be Someone was established on March of 2017. We are proud of our coaches, community and commitment. We strive for virtuosity in everything we do as a whole. By doing this, we accomplish excellence. We believe in not only developing you as an athlete but as a person as well. Your ability to accomplish your goals should not stop within our four walls, we want you to accomplish all of your goals outside our gym as well. We are here to help you do that.

Our Vision Statement

“To be the greatest and most influential gym”

Mission Statement

“To be your home away from home”

Gym Core Values

Live Humble

•Commit to Radical Transparency
•Never Whine, Complain, Make Excuses
•Develop a Growth Mindset
•Respond, Don’t React
•Celebrate Mistakes

Live Hungry

•Always Pursue Excellence
•Put First Thing First
•Be Proactive
•Leave it Better than How you Found it
•Treat Small Things as Big Things

Live Smart

•Always Be Communicating
•Make them Feel Special
•Create a Sense of Belonging
•Never Break a Promise
•Tactful Conflict Resolution

“I have been with CFBS for about a year and a half, and has definitely changed my life completely. From new friendships, to motivating me to do things I thought I could never do and to becoming the best version of myself.”
Jocelyn P. 
“CFBS has become my second home and family. The coaches really care about helping you become the best version of yourself, whether it’s in physical performance, nutrition, or a positive mindset. No matter what else is going on, I become a better athlete and person everyday there"
Kate W. 
“When I first walked through the doors at CFBS, I was nervous and apprehensive. That was a little over a year ago. After tremendous coaching from Josh and the rest of the crew, and lots of hard work and even a lot of fun, I have PR’s galore and have never felt better!"
David C. 
"One of the greatest decisions I ever made was to join this gym. I experienced such a transformation in myself and my body in the two years I have been here. The community is like nothing else. I love this place so much, it really is my second home"
Naji S. 
"Awesome place for any kind of body seeking to get into shape. The owner is awesome and really takes a personal interest in getting you to be your best. For those afraid that it's too hard core, don't be. You go at your own pace. He even has a nutritionist who can assist you!"
Crysti S. 

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