Corporate Wellness

What is Corporate Wellness

CrossFit Be Someone is pleased to offer Corporate Wellness at our gym. We know the importance of great teamwork, great morale, and accomplishing goals. Our Corporate Wellness program is designed to ensure that we are building great teams not just great individuals. Through our Corporate Wellness program, each employee of your company will learn the basics of CrossFit and Nutrition.

Our workout of the days (WODs) are going to be focused on functional fitness with the movements being cardio, gymnastics and/or weightlifting. Nutrition is the foundation to our health and fitness so your employees will also learn the basics of a healthy lifestyle. Pairing functional fitness with proper nutrition is a great combatant against any chronic disease and the development of each individual will pay huge dividends to their overall life.

By participating in our Corporate Wellness program, employees will build a stronger team with each other, feel better about themselves overall and accomplish WODs together.

Top 5 Reasons to do Corporate Wellness
  1. Decrease Health Care Costs
  2. Increase work place morale
  3. Reduce Absenteeism
  4. Increase productivity
  5. Increase company loyalty

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