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David Wilkinson

“Houston, the fourth largest city in the US in terms of population, is known for many reasons. It is home to the Johnson Space Center (the hub of human spaceflight), home to the world’s tallest five-sided building (J.P. Morgan Chase Tower)”

“Home to the world’s first domed stadium (NRG Stadium) and home to the largest medical center in the world (Texas Medical Center). However, what some people may not know, is that located on 1418 Roy Street, Houston is home to CrossFit Be Someone. A gym that cares not only for your health but also your wellbeing. As soon as you enter the doors of the gym, you are welcomed by not only the coaches, but all of its members who encourage you to only get the best out of yourself. Having never been to a CrossFit gym before (or even a gym in that case!) An introductory course is given that provides you with an overview of all of the movements and leaves you with the confidence that when you enter your first class, you know how to do all of the movements. All of the classes are taught by professional coaches who give overviews of the workouts at the start of each class and are always there to help you, if that is to improve your form or the encouragement to reach your goals. Scaling of workouts is always available meaning that CrossFit Be Someone really is for everyone, no matter your skill level or experience. So the next time you think of Houston, think of CrossFit Be Someone, the gym that really is there to help people become the greatest version of themselves, I know that it has done this for me!”

Faizan Bodhani

“I want to thank you for working with me and pushing me the last several months, and providing ongoing nutritional guidance. It’s been really helpful, not only do I feel better and have more energy but I saw the difference in the charts – I was able to drop my cholesterol close to 90 points.”

Stephanie Dockter

“CFBS has transformed both myself & my husband’s health and fitness! I have never been a member of a gym that cares about you the way the coaches at CFBS do. They are there to support you at any fitness level.”

“Prior to joining I was new to CrossFit & everyone welcomed me with open arms. The owner, Josh, stays true to his mission & values and goes above and beyond for his members & team. Not only am I the strongest I’ve ever been but I have also developed some pretty awesome friendships too ☺️. Becoming a CFBS member has changed my life – it’s an easy decision, go sign up now!!”


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