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Love Letter – One of the Greatest Speeches

The Man in the Arena: “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the

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Love Letter – Struggling with Consistency?

I came across this article and like how it was put together.  It speaks on why we have struggles on being consistent but most importantly, gives steps on how to improve your consistency.  At the end of the day, your consistency will determine your success

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Love Letter – Make Tiny Promises

And keep them! That’s it. If you do that daily, you’ll consistently move forward each day.  We tend to overcomplicate life. It’s not your fault, we all do it as humans. We think complexity is sexy and it’s what leads to all the results we

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Love Letter – As a Transformational Coach…

I won’t know if I was really able to make an impact in your life until years from now and I am ok with that.  There is a difference between a transactional coach and a transformational coach.  A transactional coach is only worried about the

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Love Letter – Man, Coach was on me today!

That’s what we want you to think. Even though you’re in a group setting, we want you to feel as you received all of your coaches attention.We want you to think that coach is watching every movement of yours.  We want you to walk out

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Love Letter – A Cheat Code In Life

Smile. Seriously. Smiling opens the doors to new friendships. It can also open the doors to new opportunities.  Smiling has literally been linked to people experience a more fulfilling life. It helps people change their moods when they are feeling sad or mad.  We all

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Love Letter – The Why Behind a Barbell Snatch

The focus for this months programming at our gym has been the barbell snatch.  There are many important reasons on why a barbell snatch is important. I wanted to share this article with you so you can learn on the importance.  Take a moment and

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Love Letter – A Good Coach….

Has your back when you’re ready to take your next risk. As an athlete you may ask yourself, “What if I fail?” Always remember this, no success story exists without experiencing some form of failure during the journey. They are not at odds with each

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Love Letter – Competition is Good for You

No really it is. For two reasons: 1. You get out of your comfort zone and push yourself more.2. It’s rewarding and fun. Here’s the deal. Anything you have accomplished or gained in life, it was a competition. The highest GPA in your class. You

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